Professional team

Integrative Body Work & Somatic Experiencing Therapist

Ana Vega Martín

She will help you integrate the benefits of the systemic interaction between body awareness, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Ana has collaborated for the last 12 years as a trainer of professionals of Integrative Body at the In-Corpore School, in addition to teaching Corporate Meditation programs to different type of businesses. 

She has lived and traveled to different places in the world with the intention of learning from people and implementing other techniques that help her keep open-minded. She finds it important to leave her comfort zone in order not to settle down and keeps exploring new ways of connecting with the body and emotions. Ana has found that contact with nature, in addition to meditation and movement, is another way to reset and centre herself, because in a way it reminds her of humility and belonging to something bigger.

She is also trained as a Pilates instructor and Shiatsu Therapist.