Professional team

Hippotherapy and Therapeutic horse riding

Idania González

Expert in Equine Therapy 

Idania is a professional horse rider and as soon as you speak to her you will connect with her passion for animals and nature. She owns a beautiful place in Estepona called ‘Equimundus’ and works with a team of professionals that are qualified in child neuropsychology, mindfulness, communication skills with people with disabilities and in Equine Therapy. 

Her vision is to achieve an improvement in the daily life of her patients and students and support them in their physical, emotional and cognitive development.

Some of the benefits she has experienced with horse riding are:

  • Increased motivation
  • Stimulation of affectivity
  • Improvement of attention and concentration
  • Stimulation of tactile, visual, auditory and olfactory sensitivity
  • Increased capacity for independence