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We are a group of trained, qualified and experienced psychologists

We are a group of trained, qualified and experienced psychologists that decided to create Bonding Minds after working together for 8 years at an addiction clinic and psychiatric hospital in Marbella that closed during the COVID pandemic at the beginning of 2020.

Encouraged by our clientele, we designed a program with the purpose of continuing to offer a secure place where we will help them carry their psychological weight, centre themselves, and get to a better psychological functioning. We are here, whether you are just beginning to struggle or are already at a crisis level, and we are committed to continue to deliver exceptional levels of service and personal programs proven to be effective through the years at this Clinic. We want you to come to us and feel at home so you can restore and heal, expecting the best treatment experience possible.

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We offer an integrated and
comprehensive treatment

Our evidenced-based therapies respect the latest scientific advances and the uniqueness of the human mind. We offer an integrated and comprehensive treatment.

Our program consists of providing psychoeducation, tools to understand and deal with your emotions and strategies to challenge your negative beliefs and break behaviour patterns. Our aim is to improve emotional wellbeing, promote self-awareness and create a positive mindset, so you can be inspired to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. All aspects of a person are taken into consideration so we can help you function at an optimal level. 

We will listen, understand, and serve as a mirror so you can better comprehend your feelings, beliefs, defences, and the causes and effects of your symptoms.

We will help you to identify the root causes, diagnose and resolve the underlying dynamics that keep you repeating the same behaviour.

We will encourage you to move beyond your comfort zone, to explore and embrace the many facets that make you who you are and reframe and transform your life based on your needs, your hopes, your strengths.

We will provide safety, support and guidance, so you don’t have to go through this process alone. It is a gradual process, with its own challenges, that will unfold naturally, and that will lead to a positive functioning.


Trained and Caring Professionals

Our highly trained and care professionals

Our highly trained and caring professionals bring knowledge and experience from various approaches such as CBT, ACT, DBT, psychodrama, developmental and neuroscience, psychiatry, and we provide a comprehensive psychiatric/psychological assessment, testing, and diagnose.

Our inspiring and innovative team is invested in igniting in you the desire to change and break patterns that are no longer serving you. We are committed to you: to create a nurturing and thriving environment that lead to self-discovery and freedom from self-construed negative patterns.

We are specialised in treating:

our professional team


We also count with an external team of professionals who will be involved in
our programmes when needed. Personal trainers, physiotherapists, psychiatrists,
nutritionists, mental health coaches, and key workers.