Alexandra Madureira

Alexandra Madureira

  • Position: Member of the British Psychology Society
  • Languages: English & Portuguese
  • Location: Márbella · Málaga
  • Email:

Profile & Professional Experience

Alexandra Madureira is a member of the British Psychology Society who has been practicing psychology since she completed her studies in 2003. In 2004, Alexandra had the privilege of working at PROMIS Clinic in the UK, a clinic dedicated to addiction, where she trained as counsellor and worked for over 10 years, having the opportunity of opening and helping managing branches in Marbella, Madrid and Portugal. 

In 2010, Alexandra was responsible for opening an emergent market for Neurofeedback NeurOptimal in Portugal, being a co-founder partner of NeuroBonding, a clinic dedicated to mental health with a diversity of approaches.

In 2014, Alexandra was headhunted to work at Cortijo Care, a psychiatric hospital in Marbella, where she worked as the head psychologist, devising strategies, approaches and plans for the psychology department, being responsible for creating and implementing the therapeutic program. She worked alongside with other psychologists and psychiatrists in order to offer multiple therapies and perspectives to deal with the different conditions such as addictions, trauma, personality disorders, anxiety and depression, bipolar disorders and psychosis. Alexandra has also established her own private practice and worked at other medical facilities offering her services and creating a program for people experiencing psychological difficulties.

Alexandra is often described as compassionate, charismatic, knowledgeable, and a good listener, bringing the best of different approaches, mainly CBT (DBT, ACT), developmental, and neurobiological approach. Lately EMDR and TMS.

When she is not practicing psychology, she can be found hiking in the mountains with her dogs, listening to music or spending time with partner and friends.